This Side Hustle 100% Automated — Strategic Approach (Full Guide for $3k+)

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Starting an online business is not easy, it’s hard to start but It became easy after starting and yes it was like playing with tools and making strategies.

Most of you think that building an online business is tough and You need a mentor or some course but trust me you don’t need any mentor or course.

You need to work consistently and learn new things daily.

There is nothing hard to achieve, if you devote your time daily then you can build a business, make assets, build a passive side hustle, and become what you want.

I just need more hard work.

In this article, we are going to see 5 ways to make $7k+ using AI.

Using AI, a lot of people make money.

You need to learn AI and when you start working then automatically understand how you can get better results using AI.


  1. Faceless Youtube Channel Using AI

In my journey, I realized that if you are a YouTube content creator then you are making the most amount of money and you have tons of different options to dive in.

It is not like everyone is making money from YouTube.

There are so many people who are just making vlogs, gaming videos, and so many different types of videos they make but they are not making a single dollar.

But I will show you how you can make it in the right way using AI.

This is not about YouTube monetization. You can make money without having any subscribers or monetization.

There are multiple ways you can make money from YouTube channels and my favorite one is affiliate marketing.

You can use YouTube for doing affiliate marketing or selling anything.

The first step to starting an affiliate YouTube channel is to choose a niche.

Please choose these always-trending niches — Health, relationship, Wealth, and Internet Marketing.

Now you need to find at least 10 YouTube channels that post content related to your selected niche.

Make a spreadsheet and add all social media influencers at least 10.

You need to analyze and copy content ideas.

Don’t worry you won’t get any copyright strikes because you are stealing content Ideas and not content.

Write all collected ideas in a spreadsheet.

After collecting, you know what problem you are solving now you need to find a product related to your niche.

For that, you can use google to find good products.

I use 50+ products and I gave you access to all these products if your niche is digital marketing, AI, Email Marketing, and Online business.

After choosing a product you can start making videos related to your niche.

The first 3–4 videos make basics related to your niche. This will increase trust and it shows that you don’t forcefully try to sell something.

After some days you can mention your affiliate product in the video and give a link in the description.

Now for making video, you don’t need to record voice, record video and set up for camera and critical things.

There is one tool I use to make videos and it is called is a gold mine for faceless YouTubers and affiliate marketers who want to create content in bulk without spending more money on freelancers and other stuff.

This tool is awesome. It is integrated with Eleven Labs.

Eleven Lab is an AI voice tool for generating AI voice for videos and pictory make it easier by partnering with Eleven Labs.

To create the video you simply put in your script and choose a template and it will automatically generate the video for you.

Try a Free Trial of

After making videos you can see results in a month. You cannot make $7k in the first month but at least you start and I believe that you can make some amount if you stay consistent.

I have a strategy for a faceless YouTube channel and I want to share it with you.

So, first, understand business success and it is 10% of businesses are going to be successful.

Let’s assume if you start 10 businesses, according to the success rate only one business will be successful.

I just want to say that I give you online business Ideas and in these ideas, there is nothing costly and very low risk.

So you can try one business in multiple niches.

You can make 10 faceless YouTube channels generate videos for every channel and try it for 3–4 months at least.

After that you can see in those 10 channels you can get success in 1–2 channels and it recovers all your expenses and you can run your online business.

I try 1 thing in 10 niches and see the result.

For example — I try 10 medium accounts and I write about different topics every day and after all, I get success in 2 medium channels.

This is how you can crack the success code, try more things, and increase your success ratio.

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