Real Affiliate Marketing Ways to Make Money (Instagram Strategy Reveal)

Rohit Shinde
3 min readMar 18, 2024


There are people giving you fake information about affiliate marketing and scamming you.

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Most people on the internet are not providing the perfect information about affiliate marketing; they just say to get a link and promote it in comments and spam DMs.

After doing that, you discover that this is not the right way, and sometimes social media platforms ban your accounts.

I provide you with information related to affiliate marketing, and I always give you all the detailed information about affiliate marketing.

In this article, I am going to give you a simple technique that you can use to make money.

It is just a copy and paste strategy; using this strategy, you can make money. First, I want to warn you that don’t expect you can make money in a single day.

Affiliate marketing has so much competition, so don’t assume that you can get affiliate commissions on the first day.

You need to work harder, and once you know the strategies and techniques, then you can easily make thousands of dollars. Let’s dive into the strategy.

Step 1 — I don’t suggest finding the niche; I suggest you find people who are doing affiliate marketing.

Like I found on Instagram, one person is uploading cute baby photos and videos and making money by promoting affiliate products.

First, I search for every niche, and once I got the best and viral niche that has so much potential, then I immediately create a theme page on cute babies.

After I create the theme page, I analyze all the similar theme pages and research on reels and posts.

I saw and collected data on viral reels and posts.

I copy all the hashtags and captions they use and see common things, like

  • the most-used hashtags,
  • ways of writing captions,
  • and calls to action.
  • I make a template and save it to my online notepad.

Next step — I find similar theme pages, and I follow one by one. Then Instagram automatically suggests me the same videos related to babies.

I follow these simple steps:

  • I download baby videos and photos.
  • You can use a third-party app or Instagram gives a download feature in 3 dots.
  • I change songs from the reel, or sometimes I post without changing songs.
  • I created some caption and hashtag templates.
  • I simply upload the video with captions and hashtags.
  • Daily 1–2 posts and 2–3 reels.
  • My timing is also fixed; I use an alarm to not miss the timing.

In some days, you can see results on your Instagram page.

This is not enough;

you need to start engaging with followers at least 15 mins a day. I also use a follow system that can help me build followers when I have zero followers.

If I get 200–300 likes daily, then I cannot do follow-unfollow things. Once you build 500 followers, then start building an email list if you want; this is not necessary, but if you make an email list, then you have an extra advantage.

An email list gives you direct inbox access to your audience,

and after that, you can provide valuable information with great products. In my niche, there is no need to build an email list because I promote baby products.

I have one baby sleeping product; I directly create one landing page and started promoting it on stories and bio.

Note: Don’t put affiliate links directly on Instagram bio; Instagram does not support affiliate links.

Use funnel software like, Beacon, and Linktree; this online software provides you free tools for building funnels for your affiliate marketing.

Simply, if I choose Beacons, I log in, and they give me a full dashboard to create link pages; using that, I simply add my affiliate link and some call-to-action buttons with copywriting.

My page is running smoothly, and I make a good amount of money using this baby page.

Affiliate marketing is easy, but it needs hard work and patience; only 1% of people did hard work and make money out of this; most people leave their job incomplete.

You can use any strategy;

just follow it to the end, then you can get success.

Use my profile to find more ideas.

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