My 100th Medium story (My Experience)

Rohit Shinde
2 min readMar 7, 2024


I started using Medium in 2022 in these two years I learned a lot of lessons by using my Medium account and writing stories.

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So, when I start writing I write for affiliate marketing because you can make a good amount of money using Medium.

I make some money using a medium but not also money I get connections and an internet presence using that I make more money because when customers find you on the internet then you have extra benefits of trust and authority.

If you are in the service business then you can use social media to make your presence and then people will start to follow you. When you do that then you can get the authority to sell services and products.

Authority is really important in online business because when you are online you are hard to trust but if you have some followers and they trust you then automatically people can trust you.

If you are a copywriter or content writer then you have extra benefit if writing on Medium because you can build your portfolio here and also learn about content things without investing so much time.

Also, you can make a good amount of money.

I always show people that I write this type of article and show them how I write and generate leads, clicks, and customers.

This is my Portfolio.

In writing standards, I learn so many things like future tens, paste tens, and present tense. I am a Hindi language student, our surroundings do not speak English they speak Hindi and Marathi but I am improving my English.

I am not a professional writer but I focus on content, most people love my content and most of them get help.

My major goal is helping people and this goal always makes you money without asking because you are promoting products through affiliate marketing.

This was the reason I started writing and providing high-quality value.

thanks for supporting me and my family because of you I can write this much article.



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