I made $1,000 in the last month from medium ( Without Partner Program)

I am a writer on Medium and I write more than 100 articles on Medium and make a good amount of money.

Rohit Shinde
3 min readMar 2, 2024

When I was writing on Medium, I didn’t know about the monetization policy, so I wrote content and gained 100 followers.

When I tried to apply, I discovered my country was not eligible for the monetization policy.

I stopped writing, but then I noticed my articles were being read.

I decided to build an audience by writing regularly.

After some time, I discovered we can make money through affiliate marketing and many other ways.

I applied to some affiliate programs and started mentioning them in my articles. In a month, I earned a commission of $35.

In the second month, I was not able to continue writing due to some health and relationship issues

that’s why I cannot write an article and not promote any affiliate product.

But I got a commission of $35 again.

I was shocked!

I saw the customer and It’s only one but I don’t know why they pay me again then I see that they pay me a recurring commission.

Recurring commission means that when I refer a customer to an affiliate service and they pay every month for the service, I receive a commission every month.

This really helps me because I am living in Pune with some friends and it pays my room rent.

After that, I continuously write articles and provide value. I receive a commission every month.

Last month, I did not write any articles, but I still received a $1000 commission because I built an audience.

What did I do?

I started collecting emails and I got 2000 emails.

Building an email list is always best for any business. if you are building an email list then you don’t need to worry about your customers or audience because you collect emails.

using that email list you can send them information and also give suggestions about products.

In that suggestion, you can paste your affiliate links and make money from them.

Similarly, I suggested Beacon’s page to people, and many started making money using it.

Now, Beacon’s page offers a free plan, which allows you to do many things.

Signup Now

Funnel builders have become complicated for beginners, so I suggest people use Beacon.

Beacon is a “Link in Bio” page builder that also provides multiple features like email marketing and an online store. With this feature, you can collect emails and send newsletters.

This website is interesting and very easy to use, and most people love it.

Using this I got a good commission and they got great products.

It’s WIN — WIN situation.

That’s how I make money through medium.com

If you want to start writing on a medium then do it because it is worth writing even if your country is not eligible for a partner program because you can monetize your writing by other methods.

In this article, I gave 7 ways for making money on the medium you can read which are those.

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I write about writing, money, affiliate marketing, and side hustles. if you are interested in this topic you can follow me for more content.



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