How I Make $133 From New Medium Account in Just 30 Days(Without Partner Program)

this is my story, of how I created a medium account and made $100 in just one month.

Rohit Shinde
3 min readApr 23, 2024

I am a digital marketer.

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Mostly, I focus on affiliate marketing, and I love affiliate marketing because it is for people who want limitless money and have a lot of free time.

I am not saying that you don’t need to devote time to work, but I can say that you can work hard once and get results for a lifetime.

Yes, this looks simple, but for beginners, it is difficult because beginners need to learn so many things and may fail at them.

Once you try and fail many times, then you become a master.

My philosophy is that if everything were simple, then anyone could do it, so there is nothing simple, and difficulty makes you strong.

I give strategies and plans for affiliate marketing businesses, but you need to wake up and work on them.

If you are not working, then somebody has done it before you, and you will miss another chance in your life.

Let’s jump into the strategy.

I created a Medium account to see if I could make money starting from scratch, and yes, it works.

I named it randomly and did all the optimizations, like setting the bio, adding a background image, and choosing a color theme.

After that, I decided to choose a niche, so I came up with 6–7 niches and needed to choose one of them.

Before choosing a niche, I discovered what Medium suggested to me and how many articles went viral in different niches.

I am revealing this research, and it can be helpful for you.

  • writing
  • Etsy side hustle
  • passive income
  • programming
  • dropshipping
  • side hustle

and more these are highly competitive niches and also take a high amount of traffic.

All these niches have high-paying affiliate programs and it can be up to 20% — 80% recurring/one-time commission.

I chose passive income and in this niche, I have so much knowledge so I started writing articles.

I write articles in different sub-niches and I got 2–3 viral posts that drive traffic on my affiliate link in the 25th day I got a sale of 133 dollars.

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There is only one way you can achieve this: by starting.

If you are just reading halfway and shifting to another article or video, then you are addicted to becoming rich quickly and don’t want slow and steady growth.

You are searching for that perfect article or video that can make you rich in no time, but the reality is, that when you work, you understand that you need to learn in the process. No one can teach you everything and help you achieve your goals;

you need to struggle and work hard to achieve your dreams.

Announcement: I have launched a blog related to affiliate marketing, where I am sharing knowledge, ebooks, courses, templates, and everything you need to start affiliate marketing.

I am building it alone, so it takes time to upload resources and courses, but it will be very valuable and informative. I swear you can learn new things on

Check it out and give me suggestions about what you want to start and work on in the affiliate marketing journey.

Stay updated, and thanks for reading.



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