5 AI Tools For Making $1000

In this article, I am going to show you how you can make $1000 using these 5 AI tools.

Rohit Shinde
7 min readMar 23, 2024

In this AI world, if you are not using AI, then you are missing out a lot. People use AI to make millions of dollars.

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You can use AI to build more and faster than before, so what are you waiting for? Just learn AI and use it in your life to make money from it.

Remember, if I am giving some side hustle, then it is for the long term and you cannot get instant money from this. If you stay long term, then you can make so much money. In 2–3 months, you can see results.

If you are working long term, then you can be successful and don’t need to know everything.

Just work on it and figure it out.

let’s dive into it.

1. ChatGPT

You can use ChatGPT for so many things, but most of the time it is used for writing content, and most people are trying to write content with the help of ChatGPT or any other AI tool.

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Generating words is much easier than anything else, and most people think that you can generate articles, but Google detects it. Trust me, you can do it.

Most people are giving the wrong prompt and try to get an answer in one or two prompts. ChatGPT is like a kid; you need to give them instructions, then he does not make mistakes.

Prompt engineering is a skill you can develop by practicing and learning it. I use ChatGPT to write articles for me, and it writes perfectly after some editing and adding my own touch. But when I was starting, it was difficult because I am not a good prompt engineer and I didn’t know how to give prompts properly.

But I know how to research on Google, and this skill gives me more ideas. For making money, I gave you methods you can use to make money.


You can make money using a blog, and there is not only one method. Most people think that for blogging, you can get traffic from Google by doing SEO and then you can make money, but it is not true.

If you see, you are on medium.com, and using this platform, I can simply redirect you to my blog.

What I mean is you can drive traffic from multiple sources, and there is no limit.

I saw an engineer who started his blog on finding jobs, and he posted about job openings.

What he did was he opened groups on WhatsApp and Telegram, joined job seekers, and posted daily on his blog.

Then he shared the link on the group, and using this link, job seekers would go and see where the openings were.

He made +$15k per month from one blog, and he owns multiple blogs. This is how he earns money from his blog;

Now, he cannot be affected by Google’s algorithm because he does not rely on Google to make his own source and platform for traffic.

You can also implement a similar strategy and build a source of traffic.

I saw some people drive traffic from YouTube and other social media. There are so many ways to drive traffic and make money.

Start multiple blogs and generate articles using ChatGPT, make some changes, and then publish it.

When you get approval from Google AdSense, then you can make money.

For starting a blog, you need to invest in hosting, and I suggest Bluehost. If you want hosting, then Bluehost is the best option because you can get a free domain and SSL certificate.

Get Bluehost Hosting

2. Pictory.ai

Now, using AI, a video is created by only uploading a script, and one AI tool that does this is Pictory.

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I saw many case studies about Pictory.ai and how people are making money using it.

Pictory.ai is very simple to use, and you can easily make a video using it. Simply, you just need to write a script and put it into the website, and it automatically generates a video.

If you try YouTube, then you know that making a video is really time-consuming, and it takes a day to make a simple 10–20 minute video because there is a lot of work involved. You need to write a script, record video, record voice, and edit the video before you can publish it.

In this AI generation, you can use ChatGPT to generate a script and paste this script on Pictory.ai, and your video is ready to publish.

You can create multiple channels and upload videos, and it only takes 1–2 hours of your day to sit down and make a video and upload it.

If you work on 2–3 channels, you can find success in at least one. This is how it works.

Signup free on Pictory.ai

3. AdCreative.ai

This AI tool creates ads for brands. You can also use AI to help generate many types of digital visual content, like digital ads for websites, business logos, and marketing materials. You can use it to edit photos and other graphics more easily.

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You can sell your designs online by registering on platforms like Fiverr and Upwork and getting clients to make ads. You can create an agency in the long run using this AI tool. All brands need good design, and if you can make it better than others, you can definitely make a difference in the market.

I don’t know much about this AI tool; you can research and build something from it. Most people don’t know about these innovations, so you can get a first-mover advantage.

4. CourseBox

Now you can create a course using AI technology, and Coursebox can provide you the opportunity to create a course using AI.

You can create a course in under 1 hour. click here to login

People are spending so much time making and selling courses, but now you don’t need to think about making it; you can concentrate on promoting it online.

They are saying that they can make a course in 1 hour, but I suggest you spend more time making a course.

You can use this tool to make a valuable course using AI. If you have a good product, then you can find affiliate marketers to promote it.

You can use different tools to promote the course to affiliate members, like listing it on Muncheye, Warrior Plus, and Digistore. These platforms can give you affiliates to promote your course.

People are making thousands of dollars using online courses; you can make it too. Just work on it, and you can make money.

5. Postwise AI

Postwise is used for automating Twitter and LinkedIn posts. This AI tool is great if you want to grow on LinkedIn and Twitter.

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This AI tool can write viral posts for Twitter and LinkedIn, and using that, you can go viral and build your brand.

Building a brand on these two platforms is like having a presence in the top 10% of people because most big celebrities, entrepreneurs, and smart people hang out on X and LinkedIn.

Using Postwise AI, you can write viral posts and schedule X threads; this is the game-changer for this AI tool.

Using this tool, you can manage other people’s accounts and charge them on a monthly basis. People want to grow on X and LinkedIn, and you can help them using this tool.

If you charge $200 per person and manage only 10 accounts, then it will be $2000 per month without working hard, just using one tool.

You can do this on a part-time basis.

You just need to generate posts and schedule them. Use your brain and make something out of it.


These are 5 AI tools you can use to make money and build businesses. You need to pick one side hustle from this and work on it; don’t pick multiple side hustles because it is not possible to succeed when you try to do multiple things.

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