$17k with Pinterest Affiliate Marketing (Full Tutorial)

Rohit Shinde
4 min readMar 3, 2024


In this article, I am going to talk about strategies to make a good amount of money without showing your face or writing long articles. It’s basic and easy stuff, but most people don’t know about it.

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Pinterest is a well-known platform for searching images and videos. Most of the audience on Pinterest is women. If you are targeting women, then it will be easy to make affiliate sales. So, I am talking about affiliate marketing on Pinterest.

I found out that most affiliates use Pinterest to make money because Pinterest supports affiliate marketers; they allow posting affiliate links in posts. Pinterest is the best platform because you can easily get views on videos or pins.

A single pin like this could be making you hundreds of dollars every single month. So, in this article, we are going to see Pinterest’s formula for making hundreds of dollars.

Follow this simple step-by-step approach for making money from a Pinterest account

  • First, you need to choose a niche for your Pinterest account. In this strategy, you should choose fashion, skincare, hair care, recipes, or a related niche;
  • any female-dominated niche where you know you’ll be able to find aesthetic pictures.
  • Next, you need to set up your account by writing a bio that is perfect for your niche.
  • After creating your Pinterest account, you need to research some posts on Pinterest because you need to create similar posts. This is called competitive research

The second step is applied to affiliate programs in your niche

To find affiliate programs, you need to Google the best affiliate program for your niche.

Then, you can find many affiliate programs that you can register for free. You can also check marketplaces like Impact, CJ, ClickBank, Digistore24, WarriorPlus, and more.

These platforms can give you access to other affiliate programs that you can use to promote. Or, you can simply use the Amazon Associates program to make money because Amazon has a wide range of products for promotion.

I also recommend that you sign up for Impact Radius and Awin. These are both huge affiliate marketplaces where you can find a whole bunch of products in every single niche.

Create Engaging Pins

Let’s learn to create a Pinterest pin using Canva. Canva is a free tool for graphic designing, and you can create any graphics using Canva free of cost.

To make Pinterest pins, you need to search for a Pinterest pin template in Canva.

Then you can find many different templates.

If you have a paid subscription, then you can use all of them, or you can choose a free template.

After that, you just need to choose a product and screenshot both sides of the product.Then Try to make post like this —

Pinterest post by diaryofafitmommy
posted by insop

These posters are really easy to make; you just need to choose one theme and create all the content.

I suggest you create more content every day and post it on Pinterest at different timeslots.

You can also create videos using Canva.

You can go to Pinterest and search for health videos or search for videos related to your niche. You can simply copy someone’s style and create your own content.

After creating a pin, you need to post it on Pinterest. In this process, you need to insert your affiliate link into the link section.

Paste the Affiliate Link Here

There are multiple sections you can need to fill like header, description, and tags.

After that, you can also get a link option you can paste your link in this tab.

When You are starting I suggest you put some links not on every post, if you post an affiliate link on every post then your account will go into the spam folder.

If you don’t want your account in the spam folder then you can use two methods.

  1. Link In Bio
  2. Website

In this method, you can put affiliate links on other pages and you play safe.

You can use Beacons to create a Link In Bio page and it also gives you access to email marketing. If you want to follow up with your audience and sell them through emails, then it is also possible with beacons.

If you want to create funnels because they are more optimized and give more CTR (click-through rate) then you can use systeme.io. Systeme.io is simple to use and free.

So, this is my suggestion for starting affiliate marketing on Pinterest. if you find this article helpful then please follow me for more strategies.



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